About Me

Hello!!! I’m soo happy you stopped by JoJo’s Healthy Living !!!

             I’m a health enthusiast, recipe developer, corporate professional, mom, and love capturing life’s special moments. I have a huge passion for cooking, food photography and leading a healthy lifestyle. I love to develop new delicious recipes that are healthy but I also love to recreate recipes from around the world. I hope to one day take my passion for food photography and enthusiasm to create unique recipes and create my own cook book to share with the world.


So why did I create this blog ?

            I’ve always focused on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. With a bachelors in nutrition and dietetics I’ve always paid keen attention to the nutritional value of what I ate and served my family and friends. I made whole food meals and developed recipes that incorporated trendy health food ingredients such as quinoa, barley, millet etc. Smoothies, healthy soups and salads were a main stay of our diet. In-spite of all this healthy eating, I started packing on just a few pounds every year and before I knew it I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. Eventually I figured out how to get back to a healthy weight.  Since then I get a lot of questions about my weight loss. One of the reasons for this blog is to share how I discovered what worked for me. To read about my weight loss journey please click here.  Recipes that I developed to help with my weight loss, click here. Frequently asked questions, click here.


“Everything in moderation, including moderation”

            Life is about learning to balance and enjoy everything in moderation. Once I learnt the key to weight loss and keeping it off, food became something to be celebrated and not to be feared. During the week I take everyday fresh wholesome ingredients and make healthy and delicious meals for my family. Weekends are devoted to exploring meals from around the world.  Every weekend I pick a cuisine and make traditional recipes that represent the essence of that specific cuisine. While I was making these delicious meals for my family, I could not help but take pictures of my weekend adventures and posting them on social media. I frequently get requests for recipes and encouragement to take this passion to its next level. So blogging about my food adventures and my quest to share what I’ve learnt through my personal experience seemed to be the next logical level. I hope you enjoy this blog and visit frequently to take this journey with me.