What vitamins and supplements do you take ?



I try to eat mostly wholesome fresh ingredients, 75 % of my plate usually are veges to make sure I’m getting the most nutrition out of my meals. However, its hard to make sure that I get all the vital nutrients thru food alone so following are the vitamins and supplements I try to consume on a daily basis.


Not not all supplements are created equal. It’s crucial to purchase vitamins that are truly pure and high quality.I love Maryruth’s products. They are very pure and do not contain MSG. They have a morning and nighttime vitamin.

The night time vitamin has antioxidants vitamins and minerals that assist in calming and relaxing the body to ensure a better/deeper sleep.

B12: An ideal B-12 supplement includes both methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. I take this vegan safe B-12 blend. It can help with neurological disorders and diseases, anxiety and panic, and the immune system. I avoid B12 that is made up of cyanocobalamin that has cyanide in it.

Zinc: Our soil is depleted of many nutrients and its especially hard to get the daily recommended zinc intake from food sources alone.
Zinc can aslo help protect you from many diseases. Maintaining healthy zinc levels can help shield one from pathogens and minimize future illness.

Iron: Women tend to be low on Iron especially if one is vegetarian.

Vitamin D3: Living in Michigan and not being out in the sun I don’t get enough Vitamin D, So I supplement with Vitamin D3 especially in the winter.

Please see below for the vitamins and supplements I take.

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